Highlights of the NW Flower & Garden Show…Plus Shopping!

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I recently travelled to the second largest flower and garden show in the US, in Seattle, to give two presentations. Here’s what I enjoyed ¬†most—a subjective collection, to be sure, and one dependent on the capabilities of my iPhone’s camera. Even so, 25 photos is more than double the number I usually show in a[...]

A Wild Vacation

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I have been on vacation. No gardens. No professional camera. It was wild – which is where I learn the best lessons for gardening. If you have never been to yellowstone National Park, put it on your bucket list. I’d recommend going camping there if you can! Sure there are lots of people there during[...]

Site of the Succulent Celebration

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Will you be at the Succulent Celebration¬†and book launch June 7-8 near San Diego? I’d love to see you there! To entice you, here are a few glimpses of the nursery that’s hosting it, Waterwise Botanicals. Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’, in pots and on the hillside, is one of the succulents that the nursery sells a lot[...]