18 Century Philadelphia Garden

13 New Rules for City Gardening

I’ve been devouring the spring blooms in Philadelphia over the past 2 weeks. As I take my daily morning walk, I’m amazed at the simple beauty of the plantings in both personal and public spaces. When walking down a city street, window boxes, container plantings, trees judiciously positioned, and pots strategically placed on the steps[...]

eruphorbia and eremerus

Pathways In My Backyard

This article was originally published in November of 2007. I thought it worth posting again as we get closer to fall and gardeners are beginning to contemplate making changes in their garden. I hope you enjoy! Thanks to Nan’s November Design Workshop on pathways, I am compelled to get this final post up before the[...]

Playing With Flowers

Playing with Flowers: 10 Steps on How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Loved One

I’m re-publishing this article in honor of Valentine’s Day. I can think of no greater gift than buying a slew of flowers for someone you love and spending a few hours together (with no interruptions) creating some playful arrangements. Directions and benefits are listed below. If you think that buying fresh cut local flowers and[...]