Saxon Holt

Saxon Holt Bio photo, black and white

Saxon is a landscape photographer and photojournalist who resides in Northern California.  He is a Fellow of The Garden Writers Association (GWA) and Board member of Pacific Horticulture Society and maintains PhotoBotanic an online publishing site for his garden photography library, e-books, and on-line garden photography workshops.

PhotoBotanic’s first e-book, Good Garden Photography,  won the Gold Award from GWA for best overall book and his traditional book, The American Meadow Garden with John Greenlee also won the Gold Award.  Hardy Succulents with Gwen Kelaidis and Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates  won double awards from both The American Horticulture Society and Garden Writers Association.

He also was the photographer of Grasses , with Gardening Gone Wild co-founder Nancy Ondra, and is currently working on the Summer-Dry Project an educational photo database for gardeners in summer-dry or mediterranean climates

His garden is a sustained mess,  and the occasional photo vignette.

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PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop Ebooks

PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop Ebooks