About Gardening Gone Wild

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I’m delighted that you want to learn more about us.

First and foremost, we are a passionate and eclectic group of gardening professionals: authors, photographers, journalists, broadcasters, designers, teachers, speakers, and artists.

We write about garden design, garden photography, garden musings, and succulents.

I started GardeningGoneWild.com in 2007 with a gardening pal of mine from the Philadelphia area, Nan Ondra. Both of us shared similar garden design philosophies; sweeping, naturalized, perennial gardens dotted with deciduous shrubs. Bold, organic, low maintenance, and drought resistant were some of the elements that we felt helped to create the type of of gardening we believed in and wanted to promote.

Soon after we started, I suggested to Nan that we enlarge our group of two and before you know it, Saxon Holt, a renowned garden and landscape photographer, who Nan worked with on the book, Grasses: Versatile Partners for Uncommon Garden Design, joined us.

Rather quickly, we had other gardening professionals signing up to become Regular Contributors. One of those individuals was Debra Lee Baldwin:  I contacted her after reading her book, Designing With Succulents. Debra was lovely and agreed to write some articles for GGW. We tested the waters for a month or two to see if it was a good fit and the rest is history.

Throughout the years, we’ve had contributors like Noel Kingsbury, Tovah Martin, Adam Woodruff, Steve Silk, Harry Pierik, and a list of other well known horticulture figures that have helped make Gardening Gone Wild a compelling read.

Today, our core group consists of myself, Saxon Holt, and Debra Lee Baldwin. The three of us are committed to sharing ideas, information, musings…and anything else that we’re wildly passionate about and think that you’ll benefit from in your journey as a gardener.

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With gratitude- Fran