Nancy J. Ondra

Better Together: Baptisias

Until this year, baptisias (Baptisia), also known as false indigos, wouldn’t have made it onto my list of favorite perennials. They bloom only in late spring, and once they’re done, that’s pretty much it: the foliage isn’t all that exciting during the rest of the year. They’re bulky, too, hogging several square feet of prime[...]

Picture This Survey

In case you missed the original announcement, May’s Picture This theme is Spring Fling. As Fran explained, “Your composition  should evoke a sense of whimsy, fun and spontaneity. The subject matter is your choice.” We don’t have a judge this month, so the challenge is just for fun. Post your photo on your blog, along[...]

GBDW – Garden Benches Wrap-Up

[Note: We hope to post the Picture This results in the next day or two. Sorry for the delay, folks.] Thanks to all who joined us as readers and/or writers for this month’s Design Workshop. In case you missed any of the contributions, here’s a run-down of this month’s links.