Nancy J. Ondra

What’s in a Name? Whence They Came

Oryza sativa ‘Red Dragon’ Fun, fanciful, or even downright silly, cultivar names often offer some clues as to what a plant might look like. If you want a hint as to where that plant might grow best, though, the botanical name is a better place to look. I’m going to save specific place names for[...]

What’s in a Name? Form and Function

Linum perenne ‘Sapphire’ Ages ago, I started the What’s in a Name series with an intro post (Part the First) and several color-themed posts: Through the Rainbow I, Through the Rainbow II, and White, Black, and Shades of Gray. I recently ran across the file I’d been keeping of interesting botanical names and realized that[...]

GGW Picture This Contest News

Good news, Picture This fans: you now have extra time to get ready for our next theme: Macro in a Mason Jar, judged by photographer and fellow blogger David Perry. Instead of running the contest in November, we’re going to hold it in January. So, if you haven’t had time to experiment with the technique[...]