Garden on a windowsill

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The January to March period in Britain is pretty dreary, its the dark getting you down as much as anything. Flowers growing on windowsills can make such a difference, and given my growing interest in bulbs, there is huge scope for making the most of light windowsills. We’ve got a nice long south-facing one in [...]


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Written by Tovah Martin Turning heads isn’t a cakewalk in my little New England town. Take the tulips, for example. Less than 200, and you’re whistling in the dark. Sure, I get the occasional glad hand. But it takes numbers to raise the eyebrows. I claim that I don’t care, but when the first Schnauzer [...]

GBDW – Designing with Bulbs Wrap-Up

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Many thanks to those of you who peeled yourselves away from your garden to take part in this month’s Design Workshop. You’ve shared some great posts with how-to tips and inspiring ideas, just in time for those of us planning our fall bulb orders. Now, let’s get on to the links: Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop: [...]