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Though we didn’t quite match last month’s many entries in May’s Picture This contest–perhaps because container season is not yet in full swing for many of us (hint: dip in last year’s files)—some fine photos surfaced nonetheless. It was nip and tuck for first place, but I have to give the edge to…

Deviant Deziner Michelle, whose succulent entry (hah!) was topped with spiky cordyline, providing a rich tapestry of shapes and textures. I especially liked the way the pot seemed so at home in its setting-having additional succulents in the ground really created some shapely echoes and a strong linking element. And whatever those–acorn? wooden shoe? mutant squash?– strange orangey things at the base of the container, they served as neat eye-catchers to draw your eye to the pot. So overall, great pot, great setting.   

 The runner up, Gardenista, was a strong contender thanks to its vivid color and repeating forms. I liked the way the glass marbles echoed the shapes of the succulents. But in the end it didn’t have quite the rich variety of texture as our first place winner. 

For a look at the competition, and to see the work of all who contributed, follow the links below.  

Kerry Michaels

Deviant Deziner


East Side Patch


Town Mouse

Barbara E



Steve Silk

Steve Silk

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Michelle D. May 27, 2009, 1:19 pm

I enjoyed looking at all the photo entries.
Everyone is so talented and I appreciated seeing a large cross section of styles and planting combinations.
Those weird ‘mutant squash’ looking things are little sculptures that I constructed out of clay.
Some of them are planted while some of them are just sitting on the ground amongst the thousands of acorns that have fallen from the thick canopy of Oak trees overhead.
Here’s a better description of how they have come into being : http://deviantdeziner.blogspot.com/2009/05/what-are-these-things-anyways.html

To Fran, Steve, Saxon, Adam, Nancy, Debra and all the other contributers, Thank you for the recognition.

Good gardening to all,
aka The Deviant Deziner.

Congrats to you and thanks to all who entered.–Steve

Pam/Digging May 27, 2009, 2:44 pm

Congrats to Michelle! I love her cordyline planter and the way she fit it into the garden.

Yep, it makes a neat little vignette.–Steve

Craig @ Ellis Hollow May 27, 2009, 7:56 pm

Just started planting mine last weekend, and had to protect them from light frost Monday night. Would love a late-summer, early-fall version of this contest.

Craig-What, no pix from last year? In any case, I hope you at least got a measure of inspiration for the coming season.–Steve

Heather's Garden May 27, 2009, 9:57 pm

Great choices! Congratulations to the honorees. I really liked the strawberries in 3 pots photo a lot too (sorry I can’t remember whose it was), but I think my eye is tends to be drawn to less complicated images.

Hi Heather–I like the pots with strawberries too–nice and simple.–Steve

healingmagichands May 28, 2009, 12:20 pm

I looked through ALL my pictures and discovered I didn’t have a single shot of my containers, none of which would have been worthy of this contest anyway. This year they are planted with tomatoes and sweet potatoes, which will probably look pretty good once they get bigger but wouldn’t win any contests!

As I was browsing the entries earlier this month I sort of suspected the winner was going to be the winner; it truly was a wonderful planting and a good photo too. Thanks for giving us all an opportunity to drool.

HMH–Lots of folks are moving to containers packed with edibles-and there’s no reason those can’t be equally appealing to the eye. With colorful chards and lettuces, textural parsley and so, pots full of food can be fun too.–Steve

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