An Article in NY Times about Nan Ondra: A Big Congratulations

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 A big congratulation goes out to our fellow GGW blogger, Nan Ondra, whose garden is written about by Anne Raver in today’s NY Times Home and Garden section. For those of us already familiar with the astounding beauty that Nan has created over the past 8 years, we are not surprised with what Anne Raver has written. But it is always wonderful to see a kind, generous and extraordinarily talented colleague lauded for what she does so beautiifully and with such a humble manner. To check out Anne Raver’s column today, click on:

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Tina Ramsey July 31, 2008, 7:58 am

There was also a nice article about her garden in this quarter’s issue of Perennials.

Can you send me the link for it? Fran

Thanks, Tina! And Fran, I don’t think it’s on line, but I’ll show you a copy of the magazine next time we get together!

Kim July 31, 2008, 9:02 am

I’m going to get her foliage book – I had no idea that catalpa could be grown as a shrub!

I hope you enjoy Foliage, Kim. I’ll warn you now that the golden catalpa doesn’t really *want* to be a shrub, so it takes a good bit of work to maintain. Mine has a main framework that’s about 30 inches high. I cut it all back to that level every March, then again at the end of May. It was still getting too big, so this year I cut it back to 30 inches yet again in late June. I love the foliage color and texture, but all this pruning – and all the “down time” before it resprouts and fills in – is getting to be a wee bit annoying. It probably wouldn’t be so much of a bother in a spot that was bigger – in a shrub border, for instance.

Dave July 31, 2008, 9:11 am

Congrats Nan! That’s a great article! I can’t wait to see the book you’re working on, it sounds like essential information.

Thanks, Dave! I look forward to seeing the book myself. I turned in the manuscript last December, but it takes a long time to evolve into the finished product.

Pam/Digging July 31, 2008, 12:02 pm

Way to go, Nancy! The article is a wonderful glimpse into your incredible garden. And the alpacas are cute too.

Thanks, Pam! Surprisingly, the boys remain unimpressed with their new fame. They’re currently lounging in front of the fan, ruminating, and wondering how they can lure me into giving them more of their favorite Lama Treats.

Strenk Sandor July 31, 2008, 4:42 pm

Nancy, I’ve been meaning to drive from New Hope to Ottsville to visit Linden Hill. Now that I know I can find you there it is on my “do it now” list. Wonderful garden, wonderful article. Look forward to shaking your hand.

I really hope you do make the time! It’s not far for you at all, it’s looking awesome, and we have a lot of fun plant-event weekends coming up in September and October. I’m not there every day, so feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] if you want to be sure I’ll be in when you plan to visit. Or just come up and take your chances; everyone at Linden Hill is very friendly.

Lisa at Greenbow July 31, 2008, 8:04 pm

WHooo Hoooo…way to go Nan. I love seeing someone I know go big time. 🙂 Of course I have always thought of you as outstanding.

Thanks, Lisa! My mom thinks I’m outstanding, too – as in “Where’s Nancy?” “I think she’s out standing in the field.” Um, bad, I know, but she thinks it’s funny.

Layanee July 31, 2008, 9:16 pm

This makes us all want to see your garden in person but the photos are really a very good substitute. Congrats on well deserved recognition for all of your hard work. I know that the alpacas are big contributors to the garden. Tough work for them…lol!

Thanks, Layanee! The boys may not be physically big, but they certainly are an integral part of the garden. If nothing else, they make sure I keep the daylilies deadheaded and the peas and beans picked so they can enjoy some of the harvest. And yes, they do give back to the garden, too; alpaca manure is black gold (um…unless they’ve been eating hay that has a lot of clover seed in it – then it’s kind of a problem, unless you want to grow stunning-looking clover).

ken from Sweden August 1, 2008, 4:03 am

Your blog is one of our favorite and we love your book Foliage.
Our garden has it like an inspiration, so much that we now has won a competition here in Sweden for the most beautiful garden 2008 for the magazine Drömhem&Trädgård (Dreamhome&Gardens)

Fantastic, Ken, I’m so thrilled for you and Carina; how very exciting! The recognition is well deserved. And as you say, it’s another example of the power of garden blogging. Here’s a direct link to your post so everyone can get the details!

Annie in Austin August 1, 2008, 1:33 pm

Congratulations, Nan~

I’d saved the NYTimes home section to read with lunch yesterday – opened it and there you were! The article and photos were lovely but it cracked me up that Anne Raver snuck in a dig about you not letting her dig up some of your beets.
The article is too good to recycle – it’s going into the file cabinet.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Yeah, I mean, I’d offered her cookies and everything! I had to explain that the beets were “just for nice,” as the Pennsylvania Dutch saying goes. I’m kidding, though; she was a lot of fun.

I’m honored to be file-worthy!

Tina Ramsey August 1, 2008, 4:56 pm

I am not sure if there is a link or not. I bought the hardcopy issue of Perennials. It is on the newstands now. It had a bunch of pictures in there-plus her.

I don’t know of any links to it either, Tina.

Tina Ramsey August 1, 2008, 5:01 pm

Okay, now I am really confused on the comments. I see two folks responded-Nan and Fran. I see the solution to the magazine is worked out. I also shared the information with Frances at the Faire Garden, she is a big fan of Nan. Gee, I am a poet and didn’t even know it.:)

Oh, poor Tina; we didn’t mean to confuse you. I should have responded to Fran privately.

Frances August 1, 2008, 7:59 pm

A big round of applause for our friend Nan. We all know what a great writer and gardener she is and now readers of the NYT will too. I am so proud of her! The photos were great BTW.

Oh, stop! Ya’ll are going to make me vain, and then you’ll be sorry….
-Nan (with a bag over her head)

Tina Ramsey August 2, 2008, 7:04 pm

That’s okay. I got it now-just takes me a while.

Benjamin August 6, 2008, 11:24 am

You can be vain for a little while–congratulations on that cool piece! Ok, stop being vain, right, about, wait for it, wait, how about, now.

Thanks, Benjamin, and I promise I won’t let my brief moment of fame go to my head. Much.

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