A Reminder: This Week’s Deadline for July’s Picture This Photo Contest

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A reminder that the deadline for July’s Picture This Photo Contest is midnight on Wednesday, July 22nd. For all of you who have procrastinated or have just found out about the contest, you’ve only got a few days to get your entry in.

July’s judge is photographer Rob Cardillo and the subject is flowering trees. Rob will be using certain criteria when selecting the winning photo. Here they are:

1) The standard stuff like strong composition, appropriate focus, and good exposure. Also, creative use of color, line and volume will be considered.

2)  Light. The nice thing about flowering trees is that you have so many angles from which to choose so you can often find a nice interplay of light if you look long enough.  And their delicate blossoms usually allow for pretty back lighting.

3) A thing I call botanical gesture which is capturing the essential qualitites of a plant in one picture.

4) Anything fun, novel, wacky or unexpected.

Gardening-Gone-Wild-070209- High Country Gardens July 2009 prize for Picture ThisHigh Country Gardens is once again offering a mouthwatering selection of plants. This month’s winner will receive a collection of 8 hardy succulents, handpicked by David Salman for Picture This. So, if you had any hesitation about entering, I hope that the possibility of winning these choice succulents will motivate you to select a photo of a spring flowering tree that is the ‘best of your best’ and send it on into us.

Please note: the Yucca rostrata ‘Sapphire Skies’ , the first photo on the left in the 2nd row, is ©Joshua McCullough at www.phytophoto.com.

The rules for entering the contest can be found at Picture This Photo Contest.

Spring 2007 pictures -spring trees-chimonanthus-resizedIf you have a few minutes, check out some of the amazing photos entered into earlier Picture This Photo Contests this spring.

April-Native Plants



If you want to look at other Spring Blooming Trees, check out a post that I wrote last spring.

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