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Woolly Pockets

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I’m back from San Francisco and inspired after my trip to Flora Grubb Gardens. I’ll share photos of the nursery and more detail in a future post. Today I want to highlight a versatile product they were selling that I am excited to experiment with in the new year. Woolly Pockets are “flexible, breathable and [...]

The Latest Update on Vertical Gardening

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As discussed in an earlier GGW post on Vertical Gardening, Patrick Blanc is the designer extraordinaire of this art form. An article published in The Guardian and written by Stuart Jeffries, So How Do You Water Them ? The Rise and Rise of Vertical Gardens offers more information on a subject that I can never get enough of. It’s definitely worth a [...]

Vertical Gardening, A Postscript: Plus Bits and Pieces of Industry News

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Since my post on Vertical Gardening a couple of weeks ago, I’ve discovered some sources that might prove helpful for those of you who want to try your hand at it on a small scale. Smith and Hawken  has a few new products: a Vertical Garden Planting Panel, a Large Vertical Garden and a Red Vine Trellis. Gardener’s Supply is now offering Indoor Living Wall [...]

Vertical Gardening

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I’ve always been a big fan of vertical gardening, especially when it comes to covering fences that add no value to the landscape or when space is cramped. I’ve been in Israel for over a week now. And although I’ve walked in this neighborhood several times before, on this visit my daughter showed me a [...]