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Lawn Reform

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Lauren Springer's backyard orchard with tall meadow

I have recently been asked to join the Lawn Reform Coalition, a group of garden designers and environmental advovates who are promoting new ways to think about the American fetish for lawns.  Since my own particular advocacy is for sustainability, and most recently, meadow gardening specifically, I thus welcome the opportunity to be a part [...]

Wending and Wind

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Most gardens of any size are designed with wending in mind.  Don't you just love that Old English word "wending"  ?  So casual, carefree, and contemplative by inference.  Even formal entries can invite wending. The entry to this garden was designed by my friend, the landscape architect Robyn Sherrill, who fortunately for me does not [...]

GBDW Front Yards Revisited Wrap-Up

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Front garden August 12 08

I was a little hesitant to repeat a GBDW topic, thinking that you all might be bored with the subject of front-yard gardens. Well, how glad I am that I was wrong! Our contributors this month have outdone themselves in generously sharing ideas and inspiration with other folks looking to turn their own barren yards [...]