What's In Bloom October 2014

Six Tips on how to Maintain Vibrant Color in a Small Fall Garden

This October, vibrant color continues on my rooftop garden in the Mediterranean. For those of you who don’t know, I actually garden in teak and pine containers, built to give the appearance, as much as possible, of garden beds (necessity is the mother of invention). For the purpose of this article, I’ve chosen to focus[...]

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Garden Tour Mania: How To Find Your Authentic Voice When Surrounded By A Tidal Wave of Perfection

The first time I was asked to be on a garden tour, a combination of unadulterated excitement and raw fear kept me working at break neck speed with little sleep for the month prior to it. I’ve got to admit that I felt privileged to be asked to participate. But I also felt like an[...]

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GGW Celebrates Its 9th Birthday: A Special Treat from Chanticleer

 We’re having a celebration at Gardening Gone Wild: it’s our 9th birthday! When Nan Ondra and I started GGW in July 2007, we never thought about where we would be almost a decade later. We were just two Pennsylvania gardeners and authors with a passion for gardening and a love of perennials and lush overflowing,[...]



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