Last year, I drove from my home in Benicia, California, to the White Mountains on the California/Nevada border. Ostensibly this was a pilgrimage of sorts. A journey to see the Bristlecone Pines, one of, if not the oldest, living things on this planet. Botanically it was a fascinating trip and I recorded some of my[...]

Le Carrousel

Bryant Park: Paris In Mid-Town Manhattan

I took an early train from Philly to Manhattan on Saturday to attend a dear friend’s family reunion that was taking place on a boat on the Hudson River. It was a thrill for me to see him with generations of his family that had traveled from throughout the U.S  and beyond to get together[...]

Dilworth Park: Philadelphia’s Outstanding Public Green Space

On a visit last week and again yesterday to Dilworth Park,  Philadelphia’s outstanding green space abutting City Hall, I was delighted to discover a newly constructed pop-up garden. As many of you know, I am a big fan of Bryant Park in New York City and have written a few articles about it: You can[...]



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