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The Waiting Game

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Sing it Carly! “Anticipation, anticipation/Is making me late/Is keeping me waiting.” Maybe Carly Simon was a horticulturist, because it strikes me lately that no one knows more about anticipation than a gardener. If you told me there’s any pursuit that is more about delayed gratification, about waiting for green dreams to be realized, about being just plain [...]

Rhymes With Orange

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Last month I started my seasonal orange bender. It being the color of all kinds of wonderful things, from mangoes to sunsets to campfire embers. I can’t get enough of it–in the garden or elsewhere.  So I shared some of my favorite flowers and promised a return to the topic with a post on good [...]

Alliums to the Rescue

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Alliums ride in to rescue my garden every year about this time. The spring rush is over, the tulips, daffs and their ilk are gone by, as are many of the flowering trees and shrubs . The summer show has yet to get underway. There’s a kind of lull…except for the alliums, which from late May into [...]

Lilies: One of My Favorite Summer Flowers

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It’s probably not a very cutting edge thing to say in today’s fast paced world of horticulture. But I’ll say it anyway. I’m still a sucker for lilies. This includes both daylilies as well as oriental and asian lilies. When I first began gardening, a friend of mine brought over a huge bucket of daylilies and [...]

On the Right Path(s) – Part 1

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I think we can all agree that planning and installing permanent paths before plunking any plants in the ground is generally the ideal way to get a new garden off to a great start, design-wise. The reality, though, is that most of us are lured into gardening by plants rather than by paving. Have you [...]