Chris Woods

The Greatest Garden

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Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

I’m delighted to introduce Chris Woods as a Guest Contributor for Gardening Gone Wild. I’ve known Chris for over 25 years- from when he was the head gardener at an estate in the suburbs of Philadelphia called Chanticleer. For those of you who don’t know, Chris led the transformation of Chanticleer, where he spent 20 [...]

Garden Mentors

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I’ve had a series of mentors throughout my life. So, when I became a keen gardener, I instinctively searched for some. My two garden mentors, Chris Woods and Jock Christie, have had a profound effect on my development as a gardener. How did I go about meeting these extremely talented individuals and how did their mentoring help me as a [...]

Take 10: Q & A with Chris Woods

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Chris Woods worked at  Chanticleer for several years where he took it from being a private garden to an exuberant public ‘pleasure garden’.  Because of Chris’ vision coupled with the ability to execute it flawlessly, Chanticleer has become recognized as a world class garden. After several years as Executive Director there, Chris moved to California to take on some new horticultural [...]