The Wild Desert Garden

This past spring I witnessed the superbloom in the California deserts. It was a sensation. The superbloom began in late winter in the southern most deserts and progressed northward, a result of ample rain after five years of drought. I was particularly intrigued, and made two separate visits to the Sonoran Desert east of San Diego[...]

Succulent Design: Hanging Pots and Bold Boulders

My latest YouTube releases illustrate the wide range of possibilities inherent in designing with succulents. In Pairing Succulents with Hanging Pots, you’ll meet Alicia Iraclides of Potted Arts in Fallbrook, CA. I select and plant several of her pots and explain why they’re a perfect match for succulents. (Hint: Those copper hooks! Those glazes! The carved details!) In Sharon’s Sun and Shadow Succulent Garden, I ditch a[...]

How to Water Your Summer Garden

If you live where summers are hot and dry, irrigation or the lack thereof can mean life or death to prized plants. These tips will help your garden survive the dog days.  — Check your automatic irrigation system. Trust me, it needs it. Watch for leafy growth blocking sprayers, clogged riser heads, and plugged drip lines. — Pay[...]