Jacqueline Van Der Kloet

Inspiration for Fall Bulb Planting : With Jacqueline van der Kloet

This is a reprint of a discussion I had with renowned Dutch garden and bulb designer, Jacqueline van der Kloet, 4 years ago. She is known throughout the world for her magnificent bulb designs. If you need inspiration for fall bulb planting, this is a must- read. Fran Sorin  

plant combination-power point 012.jpg- Envisioning The Garden of Your Dreams

3 Tips On How To Envision the Garden of Your Dreams

Once the calendar flips over to the New Year, if you’re like a lot of gardeners throughout the world, you begin to think, research, and ponder new elements that you want to bring into your garden this season.

fornari_backlit_king_tut.jpg- #3

Creating A Cocktail Hour Garden

Flowers and foliage that are white are especially noticeable as the sun goes down. Written by Guest Contributor, C.L. Fornari “It has been a difficult week. Your boss has been extremely difficult, or your clients self-centered, and your mother/best friend/spouse is clueless about how to support you. Maybe your furnace or A.C. has suddenly quit,[...]



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