Playing With Flowers

10 Tips On How Designing Stunning Floral Arrangements Can be an Exercise in Mindfulness, Playfulness, and Creativity

If you think that buying fresh cut local flowers and creating stunning floral arrangements for your home is a luxury, think again.

Color In the Gardene

12 Tips on How To Use Color In The Garden

There are several elements that make up a well thought out landscape: they include structure, shape, texture, scent, and movement. But for the majority of us home gardeners, the first element we take into consideration when designing our own personal paradise is color. Thanks to renowned garden authors like Penelope Hobhouse, who wrote Color In[...]


A Creative Journey: Discovering What You Like, Dislike, and Really Desire

  “To perceive freshly, with fresh senses, is to be inspired.” ~ Henry David Thoreau I spoke in my last post of going on a creative journey to discover my garden that has yet to show its face. I asked you to join along and participate in creating something that you deeply desire (it, of[...]



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