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City In A Garden

I’ve always thought of Chicago as a great American city where urban greening, ecological landscaping, and beauty for beauty’s own sake matters. The Lurie Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago’s immense park system and green roof program are enough to make any nature lover’s heart sing with joy.

Paeonia wittmanniana var. tomentosa

Peonies In The Hidden City Garden

In this post, our colleague, Dutch landscape designer, Harry Pierik, shares artistic photos and talks about peonies from his personal garden, The Hidden City Garden. While the vanes of the dove tree, Davidia involucrata, are swaying on the branches in my Hidden City Garden, the first botanical peonies are starting to flourish. Peonies are perennials of[...]

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Garden Tour Mania: How To Find Your Authentic Voice When Surrounded By A Tidal Wave of Perfection

The first time I was asked to be on a garden tour, a combination of unadulterated excitement and raw fear kept me working at break neck speed with little sleep for the month prior to it. I’ve got to admit that I felt privileged to be asked to participate. But I also felt like an[...]



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