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A Stunning Sustainable Urban Park

In the center of Tel Aviv, overlooking the Mediterranean and abutting the Hilton Hotel, there exists a piece of land made up of well thought out pathways, plant choices and combinations, and vistas that is a perfect template for a simple, easy to maintain and a stunning sustainable urban park.  

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Why Pathways Are Such A Compelling Element In The Garden

This is a re-print of a post that was published here in March 2013. As fall approaches, it’s a perfect time to re-evaluate any changes you want to make in your garden.  When I began to learn about garden design, I became intrigued with paths – no – make that obsessed. Maybe it dates back[...]

eruphorbia and eremerus

Pathways In My Backyard

  This article was originally published in November of 2007. I thought it worth posting again as we get closer to fall and gardeners are beginning to contemplate making changes in their garden.  I hope you enjoy! Thanks to Nan’s November Design Workshop on pathways, I am compelled to get this final post up before[...]



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