Gardens in Carmel, CA.

Carmel – A City Overflowing With Flowers

When friends heard that I was visiting Carmel for the first time, they couldn’t say enough about what a lovely, artistic town it is. What they forgot to tell me is that it is a city overflowing with flowers. As I wandered the streets ~ in front of and next to shops, as focal points in[...]

Snowdrop border

Snowdrops in The Hidden City Garden

Here is Part 2 of Snowdrops In The Hidden City Garden from Dutch garden designer Harry Pierik. To read Part 1, click here. “In the previous post I showed how I prepared the borders of the snowdrops. Now we’re going to look at how the snowdrops grow in the Hidden City Garden. Also I’ll show three[...]

2004-03-06 18.06.02

Garden Tour Mania: How To Find Your Authentic Voice When Surrounded By A Tidal Wave of Perfection

The first time I was asked to be on a garden tour, a combination of unadulterated excitement and raw fear kept me working at break neck speed with little sleep for the month prior to it. I’ve got to admit that I felt privileged to be asked to participate. But I also felt like an[...]



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