Saxon Holt

Winter in San Francisco

To anyone who has not been in San Francisco in the winter it will be hard to believe these are winter photos, taken in the past couple of years in The San Francisco Botanical Garden during the month of January. I know; it’s a delight. San Francisco is a very mild, summer-dry, winter-wet climate, where it[...]

Garden Earth

The facts are pretty clear: the planet Earth is heating up, we are facing extinctions not seen in Epochs, and human population continues to explode, consuming resources beyond Nature’s capacity to replenish. What are you going to do about it? Our future seems grim and it’s tempting to ignore the facts and hope it will all go[...]

Short Days, Long Shadows

Have you noticed ? The days are getting longer. It is too soon to actually see the difference now, but a few days ago, exactly at the winter solstice, I took advantage of the sun being at its lowest point to make a series of photographs of shadows against a north facing hill.

Autumn Color – San Francisco

Fall color in San Francisco ? It’s true – just go to Golden Gate Park and take a walk in the Botanical Garden. The color doesn’t really start to show until late November or December, and nobody is going to mistake it for new England, but colorful fall foliage is possible, not just in California but[...]