Barbara Ellis

Garage in the Garden

I really enjoyed reading Nancy Ondra’s Garden Blogger’s Design Workshop for this month on Sheds and Outbuildings. My gardening tools haven’t had a real place to call home for years, since they had to compete for space with larger, bulkier equipment essential to my motorhead husband. An ever-present tangle of tools filled one corner of[...]

A Nursery Ramble

If you are deep into variegation, unusual houseplants, and the horticulturally weird and wonderful, you’ve no doubt visited—online at least—one of my favorite nurseries: Glasshouse Works. While I enjoy shopping on line, wading deep into a greenhouse overrun with plants is an experience like no other. I adore prowling through foliage and flowers looking for[...]

Night Magic

I wasn’t going to post again so soon – after all, I’m a newbie at it – but I have to share about the impromptu garden parties at my house last weekend. Nighttime is a fairly strange time to gather in most gardens, but my friends and I had a reason: My night-blooming cereus bloomed[...]

Covering New Ground

Daylily (Hemerocallis) ‘Conspirator’s Oath’ After several years of not being able to put much of anything into a permanent home, I’ve spent this season madly digging new beds and filling them with many plants as possible. All this planting has been as much a welcome relief for this garden-starved gardener as it has been for[...]