Seeing the Garden – Framing

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No, it is not tulip time, at least not here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is time for more garden photography tips and lessons from the e-book I am writing, and teasing you with excerpts right here on Gardening Gone Wild.  Time to begin Chapter Two. Chapter Two is “Seeing the Garden”, how to use [...]

Composition 101- Fill the Frame

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diagonal lines within frame as consideration for photo composition

Well, here we go.  Join me here as the book unfolds.  The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop is being written one post at a time – starting here. Long time readers of Gardening Gone Wild will know I have been writing about garden photography for almost 5 years.  Now its time for a book, an e-book [...]

Wild Garden Photos

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tupelo in Saxon holt garden

Last month, while our Gardening Gone Wild readers were out shooting for the Fill the Frame theme in our Picture This photo contest, I was on vacation in New England – I was filling my camera frame with fall color in Vermont and the landscapes of poet Mary Oliver in Cape Cod, such as Blackwater [...]

Fill the Frame

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Phormium and feather grass in garden

Since I am the judge this month for our Picture This contest, I am taking the opportunity to expand on my theme – Fill the Frame.   Link to contest entry rules and previous post.  Whether or not you intend to contribute a photo to the contest or just want to take stronger photos you [...]