Fran Sorin

A Christmas Poem: Amazing Peace

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2005-12-03 14.59.45.jpg-Longwood Gardens

After days of contemplating what thoughts I wanted to share with you this holiday season, I came upon a poem written by Maya Angelou. I read it over several times: Each time I felt its message more deeply. We are living in such unprecedented and tumultuous times. The world is in desperate need of individuals [...]

Celebrating This Year’s Garden

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Each year, in late fall, when I bid adieu to my garden as it sinks into its cold weather hiatus, I feel a sense of sadness, nostalgia, and appreciation. This year, because I flew from Tel Aviv to celebrate Thanksgiving in Philadelphia, I knew that when I returned that my robust, autumnal Mediterranean garden will [...]

Montisfont Abbey Gardens: A Hidden Paradise

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6813975009_eed122b690_b.jpg- Montisfont Abbey Garden- photo #1

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr/UK Garden Photos Have you ever noted how you can walk through a garden that is beautifully designed, laid out, and planted, and not have a strong emotional response.....even when gardening pals are singing its praises non-stop? And have you taken note (which I'm sure you have) when a garden grabs your [...]