Highlights of the NW Flower & Garden Show…Plus Shopping!

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Wet bouquet

I recently travelled to the second largest flower and garden show in the US, in Seattle, to give two presentations. Here’s what I enjoyed  most—a subjective collection, to be sure, and one dependent on the capabilities of my iPhone’s camera. Even so, 25 photos is more than double the number I usually show in a[...]

Give A Flower, Get A Smile

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Give  a  flower -120213 007.jpg - resized- almost full length.jpg - 640x469

 In a society that feels more isolated and lost than ever before, we relentlessly continue to stuff ourselves with junk food – materialism. Hoping that buying things will make us happy. They never do. Give A Flower, Get A Smile Think about how different our world would be if more of us focused on the[...]