Book Giveaway: “Foliage First” by Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz

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“Gardening with Foliage First” by Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz is a book I wish I’d had when I began gardening 25 years ago. I think most of us start out wanting flowers. I had a thing for roses and cannas, but whenever I’d see a new flowering perennial, I had to have it.  After several years, my[...]

My Autumn Succulent Wreath

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A garden club at which I’ll be speaking later this month asked if I’d donate “an arrangement for the raffle.” Sure, why not? I have several self-imposed criteria: It has to be a “wow” so attendees will buy tickets; it needs to be innovative and incorporate succulents; and it should be autumn-themed. Inspired by numerous colorful succulents in my garden,[...]