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The Rain/Rock Garden – Stage 2

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Several weeks ago, I posted about a new project here at Emory Knoll Farms in The Beginning of a Rain/Rock Garden. It’s now time for an update. We’ve finished stacking the boulders and we have the water flowing nicely down the three large horizontal stones into the infiltration garden. I had to do a little chiseling [...]

The Beginning of A Rain, Rock Garden

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A note from our colleague and guest contributor, Ed Snodgrass: “I just built a rock garden out of boulders that has a water feature powered by my downspouts. Of course, it normally would only run when it rains. But these downspouts come off my green roof so water drips for days after the rain, thus [...]

GBDW – Water in the Garden Wrap-Up

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Our Design Workshop contributors have certainly come through for us this month, sharing an abundance of inspiring design ideas and a wealth of solid how-to information as well. We have posts on natural and lined ponds, waterfalls, container water features, bog gardens, and rain gardens too. It’s obvious that water features can be quite addictive, based [...]