Living Rocks (Pleiospilos nelii)

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These odd little African succulents start out egg-shaped, then split open to reveal a smaller capsule that in turn splits open at right angles to the first. In spring, being ice plants, they produce neon-bright, multipetalled, daisylike flowers. Pleiospilos are  tiny water tanks, accustomed to going months–even a year–without rainfall. They’re also impossible to pronounce, [...]

Spectacular Succulent Flowers

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  Is it any wonder I’m such a fan of succulents? In addition to being easy care, low-water and having architectural shapes, they send forth spectacular flowers. Some of the most amazing are those of aloes, most of which bloom in midwinter (in temperate climates). Shown above is Aloe x ‘David Verity’, in Patrick Anderson’s Fallbrook, [...]