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Photos Tell a Story

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We finish the chapter on ‘Good Garden Photography’ with part six – telling stories.  I will have a whole chapter, ‘Think Like a Gardener’ that is about finding the themes that can be found in all good gardens, but for now and as you review your year’s images, think about what you are saying with [...]

Photos that Provoke and Intrigue

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A good garden photo is more than a nice composition, it should tell a story.  Sometimes the story is no more than communicating good garden technique, for which all our lessons thus far on composition, balance, framing, and light help the photographer concentrate on simply expressing garden appreciation. Other times we want to provoke the [...]

Seeing the Garden – Framing

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No, it is not tulip time, at least not here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is time for more garden photography tips and lessons from the e-book I am writing, and teasing you with excerpts right here on Gardening Gone Wild.  Time to begin Chapter Two. Chapter Two is “Seeing the Garden”, how to use [...]