pets in the garden

GBDW – Pets in the Garden Wrap-Up

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What an enthusiastic response to this month’s topic! It’s not a surprise, though, considering how passionate most pet people are about their furry and feathered friends. From cats and dogs to chickens and camelids, our companions often have a great influence on our design and plant choices, and we don’t mind making allowances for their [...]

Dogs in The Garden

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Nan’s terrific GDBW of The Month for this February on pets in the garden has received alot of interesting responses. As a long time dog owner, I want to add my two cents to the mix. Although I’ve gardened my entire adult life, I didn’t become a dog lover until my daughter was 12, at which time [...]

On the Right Path(s) – Part 1

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I think we can all agree that planning and installing permanent paths before plunking any plants in the ground is generally the ideal way to get a new garden off to a great start, design-wise. The reality, though, is that most of us are lured into gardening by plants rather than by paving. Have you [...]