echeveria flowers

Rosalina’s Dream: A Nursery of Her Own

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Twenty years ago, cacti and succulents were oddball plants, little known among the nursery industry or gardening community. North San Diego county was where the wholesale growers were located, and many still are. But unfortunately Cooper’s Cactus and Succulents no longer exists; not since John Cooper passed away. The good news is that his plants live on, [...]

Echeverias in Bloom

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Echeverias, native to Mexico, have the most amazing blooms. They remind me of little lanterns or candy corn. The plants themselves are intriguing too, with lovely rosette shapes and pastel colors that include blue. The flowers range in color from peach and pink.. …to coral and vibrant orange… …and pale yellow. This is Echeveria imbricata in bloom, [...]