Davidia involucrata

Peonies In The Hidden City Garden

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Paeonia wittmanniana var. tomentosa

In this post, our colleague, Dutch landscape designer, Harry Pierik, shares artistic photos and talks about peonies from his personal garden, The Hidden City Garden. While the vanes of the dove tree, Davidia involucrata, are swaying on the branches in my Hidden City Garden, the first botanical peonies are starting to flourish. Peonies are perennials of [...]

A Hidden Paradise In the City

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“I’m excited to introduce you to Harry Pierik whose garden I visited last April on a trip for journalists sponsored by the International Flower Bulb Center. His city garden is mesmerizing; unlike any other I’ve ever seen. Harry, a self-taught garden designer, has designed many gardens throughout Holland; ranging from small city gardens to countryside, [...]