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Plantosaurus Rex

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Got your attention ?  Escaping dinosaur at San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers ?  Is this Gardening Gone Wild ?! Some of you may remember the post I did a few months ago when I was photographing for the exhibit at the Conservatory – Vantage Point – Looking Up.  I went looking for plants that were [...]

Vantage Point – Looking Up

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Sometimes we photographers get stuck.  We are out looking for photos and just can’t seem to find anything special.  Often, seeing the garden is just a matter of slowing down and thinking about what it is that excites us.  Other times we just need to shake up our point of view. As you look around, [...]

Plants at an Exhibition

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peace lily

It is a grand thing when plants become the subject of an exhibit.  I don’t mean in the beds of a botanic garden or decorating a designer’s display at a flower show, but an honest to goodness exhibition, in this case ‘Wicked Plants’ at The Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Too [...]