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Kangaroo Paws

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Cover with text Kangaroo Paw - Anigozanthos 'Harmony'

As soon as I stepped out the back door of  Christina’s house I knew her garden was going to provide all sorts of photo opportunities. Oakland, California garden designer Sherry Merciari had referred me to Christina when I asked about gardens with no lawn, but I didn’t know what to expect.  When I saw the [...]

Yellow and Daffodils

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What we see and what we capture with the camera are often different; too often if you are not careful to photograph with intent.  What my mind’s eye sees when I enter my garden this time of year are yellow daffodils. But actually there are only a very few. In my mind’s eye I am [...]

Red and Green at Christmas

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I was photographing Quarryhill Botanical Garden for a magazine story last month and stumbled across these huge gorgeous red berries of Cornus kousa.  Why did I immediately think of Christmas? Before I go into a bit of lore, let me explain about “stumbling across” the picture.  I was in the middle of the garden working [...]

Composing with Color

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When I went looking for fall color in my garden, I did not expect to see a red hole into another universe.  In fact, I did realize it was there until I contemplated my original picture (to follow at the end). The great master of black and white photography, Ansel Adams learned to pre-visualize his [...]

The Waiting Game

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Sing it Carly! “Anticipation, anticipation/Is making me late/Is keeping me waiting.” Maybe Carly Simon was a horticulturist, because it strikes me lately that no one knows more about anticipation than a gardener. If you told me there’s any pursuit that is more about delayed gratification, about waiting for green dreams to be realized, about being just plain [...]