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Bryant Park: A Stunning Urban Garden

– Posted in: Miscellaneous

Bryant Park, a 9 plus acre parcel of land, sits in mid-town Manhattan, blending in so well with the hustle and bustle of the city that it practically goes unnoticed, unless one is familiar with it or just happens to stumble onto it. It is located at 42nd and 6th, with the Bank of America skyscraper directly across from it and [...]

Can you name this flower?

– Posted in: Garden Photography

I got this e-mail from Margaretta Mitchell, photographer extaordinaire, who need an ID for a book she is completing and the homeowner could not remember the flower. She had consulted books and websites and everything suggested a Scaevola but Scaevola are all blue except for a few new white cultivars  What rare new thing was [...]

Praying With Our Eyes

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I had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend of mine early this morning. He told me about an experience he had last night at his temple, which happens to be a chapel in the woods (how terrific is that?) In her sermon, the rabbi said that as we go through our day, we have the opportunity [...]