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7 Reasons Why Making A ‘To Done’ List Will Help You Be More Creative In Your Garden and Life

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You may see the ‘TO DO’ lists in your life and garden as a necessity.

The problem is that the majority of the time they make you feel lousy.


The ‘productive you’ writes a list of everything you plan on getting done each day.
If you’re like most people, your list is way too long.

cuttinggarden 1
A Playful and Naturalized Garden


You rarely complete what you set out to do. You feel unproductive, negative, and frustrated….and immediately go to that critical place in your head where you’re ‘not enough’. Doing this effects your quality of work, creativity, and enjoyment in the garden.

Think about it.

If you’re always rushing to get to the next task, how can you possibly be in the moment?

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Benefits of Becoming An Essentialist In The Garden

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Leonitus leonorus with Salvia
Leonitus leonorus with Salvia

***Please note: this post was published last summer. I thought it worth another look-see in these hot days of summer to re-evaluate how you live…in and out of the garden.

Are you a gardener who’s in a perpetual state of overwhelm?

Do you constantly feel pressure to complete your never ending ‘to do’ list?

Do you rarely feel like you’ve mastered anyone aspect of your garden or gardening skills?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

With our culture’s emphasis on productivity,  our ‘more is better’ mentality and non-stop 24/7 lifestyle,  it’s practically impossible to experience equanimity, balance, and a sense of self-confidence and mastery as a way of life.

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The Green New Deal

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Finally!  Hope ! Something we can actually do about climate change.  The Green New Deal is an actual plan.  Read on.

Energy old and new – oil well pumpjack and windmill, Oklahoma

(I hope our readers at Gardening Gone Wild and gardeners everywhere will recognize this is not a political issue and turn your heads and cringe.  This is positive news, gardeners understand the Earth is not going anywhere  – it is us who need to figure out sustainability. – Saxon Holt)

When young activists stormed the Congressional office of Nancy Pelosi last week demanding an environmental plan in the wake of the Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives, I wondered why go after one of the most liberal members of Congress, in the most liberal city in America, in the heart of the environmental movement. [continue reading…]

Leaning Pine Arboretum

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I have been photographing Leaning Pine Arboretum for years, and it has become one of my favorite gardens.

Mediterranean Blue Palm in summer-dry garden – Leaning Pine Arboretum.

For a garden photographer in California, seeking landscape settings for mature, appropriate plants adapted to the summer-dry climate, Leaning Pine is just about perfect.  It is designed as a horticulture display garden for the ornamental horticulture program of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, so beauty has been a key criteria for introducing plants to the collection. [continue reading…]

5 Tips on Using Quantum Physics To Create Your Dream Garden

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Dream Garden-Locus Flevum


Dream Garden-Locus Flevum

How do you go from gardening on a ‘hum drum’, or even ‘horrific’ piece of land to creating the garden that you never dreamt possible on that same property?

Is it possible? Or is it the stuff of fairy tales?

I know for a fact that it can be done because that’s exactly what I did.

Thanks to the laws of quantum physics.

If you think I’m bonkers, then feel free to stop reading the article.

But if there’s something intriguing to what I’m saying, then please read on.

This is a true story.

For those of you who are familiar with my book, Digging Deep Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, you already know how I transformed an aberrant shaped and barren piece of land into my own personal paradise. The book shares the creative process I used (7 Stages of Creative Awakening) in revamping my property as well as the process I used with clients in helping them unleash their own creativity and design a uniquely personal garden.

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