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Fran- poster-photo -#1 for GGW from SaxonFran Sorin
Author, Co-Creator of GGW, Spiritual Gardener

My defining moment was when I sold my diamonds in order to finance the huge stone retaining walls in my garden, morphing from a passionate gardener into an addict.

Things that I love are beauty, kindness, nature, gardening, dogs, chocolate and family and friends – in no particular order.

My guilty pleasures are the never ending quest for a  magnificent property in Tuscany to design and plant my next piece of paradise,  double features at the movies even when it’s not raining, dancing the waltz with my dogs, and buying dozens of flowers and giving them away.

Things you may not know about me are that I’ve had a 50 year fascination with earthworms, my most prized and guarded possession as a child was my butterfly collection assembled by yours truly, and that I lived in basement apt. in college with over 60 plants that traveled cross country with two fellas that couldn’t resist my charm.

Debra-Lee-Baldwin-poster.jpg - for GGWDebra Lee Baldwin
Author, Photojournalist

I’m a garden photojournalist who lives on a half acre in the foothills of Southern CA, where temps range from below freezing to 100+ degrees F. Over the past 25 years, I’ve grown everything that would grow here, and succulents hands-down have proved the best-looking and the least trouble.

This has instilled in me a passion for these “plants that drink responsibly.” I’ve authored three books: Designing with Succulents (2007), Succulent Container Gardens (2010) and Succulents Simplified (2013).

What an amazing journey it has been, to watch succulents become so popular! I love my niche and am so pleased to share it with you—not only what’s new and what has me excited, but my own gardening adventures as well.

Photo of Saxon HoltSaxon Holt
Author, Garden and Horticultural Photographer

As you read this, sitting at your device, I am outside, or surely wishing I were. I may be outside exploring some native plant habitat, or working in my garden, or learning about someone else’s garden. In all cases I probably have a camera with me, hoping to use it to celebrate plants and communicate what I find back to you. And as I write this, I am in my office on a bright, sunny, and cool California day, a single Mme. Isaac Perierre rose perfuming the desk; juggling my deadlines, playing with a new PhotoShop filter,listening to the Giants game … and wishing I were outside under the spell of plants…