Scott Calhoun

The Ballad of Dry Betty

Dry Betty is a tough gal, a little yellowed from years spent in the sun, but stoic about her position in life—which is affixed to a tree stake waiting for rain. Dry Betty is the name I have given my rain gauge because where I live, dry is her most frequent condition. Although she is[...]

Plant Music 2000-2009

The writer Jim Harrison says that anyone born after about 1960 can’t do anything without listening to music. He is probably right, because I know I can’t, but then again, listening to music is generally healthy. Dr. Phil Maffetone, a doctor/musician who counted Johnny Cash as a patient, says that listening to music can control[...]

Going in Circles

Dear Gardening-Gone-Wilders, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scott Calhoun and I’m a writer and garden designer living in Tucson, Arizona. I love exploring backroads and backcountry in search of plants, gardens, architecture, and food. I’m the author of five books which are mostly about plants: Yard Full of Sun; Chasing Wildflowers; Designer[...]