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Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed. ~Linda Wooten

Do you have memories of your Mom working in the garden? Did/ does she influence your garden making in some way? Now is the chance to share any vignette, thoughts or feelings about your Mom and gardening. Because in honor of Mother’s Day 2014, we are celebrating with a GGW Storytelling Contest: ‘My Mom and Gardening’. And to top it off, there’s a prize!!!

My story “When I think about my Mom working in the garden when I was a kid, I start giggling. She was a  drop dead gorgeous, magnificently coiffed, perfectly made up, Southern like belle (even though she was born in Euclid, Ohio) who happened to be one of the sweetest and kindest souls to have ever walked this earth.

GGW Storytelling Contest

Mom and me

But in the garden, she morphed into a ‘do it my way or the highway’ master of her domain. I saw her more than once- with sweat dripping down her face-  furiously digging up some rose bushes or clumps of irises. I don’t what her rationale was because they were doing  just fine where they were. Besides, our back garden area was hardly a work of art. But when Mom got it in her mind that it had to be done, none of us kids would bet against her doing it. The grunting I heard coming out of her as I weeded near by on all fours, gave me a new found appreciation for this woman who I so revered. I came to realize that she could get as dirty, gutsy, and tough as any cowgirl I had ever seen on TV.

Thanks to the garden, I witnessed a gritty aspect to my Mother that I might never have known otherwise.” PRIZE Our friend, Kara Buttimer of Angela’s Garden, is generously giving away a beautiful product line in honor of Mother’s Day to one lucky winner.

GGW's Mother's Day Celebtration

Angela’s Garden Mother-Daughter Dressing In Primrose

It is Angela’s Garden Mother- Daughter Dressing in Primrose. The set consists of a brim hat, leather gloves and work apron for Mom and hats and gloves for little girls. All are in the matching washable cotton primrose print.


1. Write a story about your Mom and gardening. It can be about anything – her working in the garden, a visit with her to a garden. Sad, funny, sublime, ridiculous – it doesn’t matter. Just let it rip.

2.The story needs to be less than 400 words. If possible, include a photo.

3. Post your story on your blog with a link back to GGW’s Storytelling Contest: ‘My Mom and Gardening

4. Place the link to your story in the comment section of this post.

5. All entries need to be received by Wednesday night, May 7th, 12 midnight EST. No exceptions.

6. Entries are open to anyone over the age of 18 that has a blog.

7. One winner will be chosen by me based on what I think is the most compelling story. (yes- it’s totally subjective). The winner will be announced on or before Mother’s Day.

So, join the fun, re-live some memories, and share a piece of your Mom with us. Also, you might be interested in checking out a series of interviews called ‘What Our Mothers Taught Us About Gardening and Life’ that I did with some gardening friends. I love them. I hope their stories touch you as much as they have me.


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