Pathways In My Backyard

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eruphorbia and eremerus

This article was originally published in November of 2007. I thought it worth posting again as we get closer to fall and gardeners are beginning to contemplate making changes in their garden. I hope you enjoy! Thanks to Nan’s November Design Workshop on pathways, I am compelled to get this final post up before the[...]

Covering with Combinations

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Covering ground has long been a gardening obsession of mine. By that, I mean covering ground with something other than lawn. Every year, we have less grass than the year before, although the lawn I maintain for my dogs is safe. They couldn’t survive without essential sections for throwing Frisbees and tennis balls.

GBDW – Garden Benches Wrap-Up

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[Note: We hope to post the Picture This results in the next day or two. Sorry for the delay, folks.] Thanks to all who joined us as readers and/or writers for this month’s Design Workshop. In case you missed any of the contributions, here’s a run-down of this month’s links.