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Rhymes With Orange

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Last month I started my seasonal orange bender. It being the color of all kinds of wonderful things, from mangoes to sunsets to campfire embers. I can’t get enough of it–in the garden or elsewhere.  So I shared some of my favorite flowers and promised a return to the topic with a post on good [...]

Gardening in Black and White

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Like most of you, I’m sure, I’ve collected quite a few gardening books over the years – enough to fill a few bookcases. But a few of those books rarely spend much time on a shelf; instead, they’re usually in a pile somewhere near my desk, so they’re within easy reach when I need to [...]

Thinking in Three Dimensions

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  I love this plant combination. It’s got shape, texture and color – especially color – working for it. I wish I thought of it, because this little vignette pushed my thinking about creating color combinations more than anything I’ve seen in a long time. Wesley Rouse created it, and here’s why I find it [...]