Pathways In My Backyard

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Thanks to Nan’s November Design Workshop on pathways, I am compelled to get this final post up before the end of November. Earlier in the month, I did a post on my front garden pathway: this one will focus on a significant walkway that was created in the backyard of my garden, which literally transformed [...]

On the Right Path(s) – Part 2

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Too close for comfort? Side path early Aug 05

In Part 1 of this post, I talked about some of the paths in my old garden. It's been seven years since I left there, and six years since I started gardening here, and during those years, I've put a good bit of thought and work into the paths through this space. I’ve already written about [...]

My Pathways

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In response to Nan’s Design Workshop for November, I decided to share the story of my garden pathways. I have been gardening on a sharply steeping, aberrant piece of land, about one half acre, for the past twenty-six years (Yikes, that’s a long time!). The picture below is how the front of my home was [...]

Walk This Way

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Front garden path just finished early May 03

  When I started my current garden from scratch six years ago, I was determined to create the layout the “right” way. I’m pretty good at dealing with details but not great at seeing the big picture, so I decided to enlist the help of a local landscape designer. We had several discussions about how [...]