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Singapore – The Garden City State

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Some of us complain about having to cut up stems before they go on the compost heap. These are palm leaves being chainsawed.

How to describe the city state of Singapore? Downtown is like an American downtown (with even more malls – yes really!), the suburbs like….well a kind of tropical multiracial version of Sweden with a rather bossy government - the same well-designed but rather bland housing estates of modestly tall tower blocks, all separated by amazing [...]

Noel On A Trip To India

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 Written by Noel Kingsbury A visit to the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary in Wayanad region of Kerala in south-west India is a real inspiration and a very special place. Its basically a private trust who own a slab of virgin forest (in the Western Ghats bio-region, where only 3% of the original forest is left) and [...]

Planting up is a nerve-wracking job!

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Yes, this garden is on a slope – not quite enough to make mulch roll off, but being north-facing means that it is quite cool – and the good thing about that is that it doesn’t dry out too much.

Planting up a client's garden the day before yesterday. The third winter I have done this particular one. Good design jobs go like this – it’s an illusion, partly fostered by TV design and 'make-over' programmes that you can go in and plant up, and before you can say "Bob's yer uncle" the garden is [...]

It’s Very Cold

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Written by Noel Kingsbury My office in rather more of the white stuff than we’re used to    As a visitor to the US I am always slightly bemused by the discussions of hardiness zones, overhearing conversations amongst gardeners like “I’m 3a and I can’t grow lady’s mantle, but friend is just a few miles [...]