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Wild Garden Photos

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tupelo in Saxon holt garden

Last month, while our Gardening Gone Wild readers were out shooting for the Fill the Frame theme in our Picture This photo contest, I was on vacation in New England - I was filling my camera frame with fall color in Vermont and the landscapes of poet Mary Oliver in Cape Cod, such as Blackwater [...]

Prairie Delights

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Muhly grass in prairie

Just back from Minnesota where I was shooting for a new book with fellow Lawn Reform Coalition member Evelyn Hadden, and spent my free time looking for prairies.  OMG!  OMG,  O-M-G . . . The Crow-Hassan Park Reserve is part of Three Rivers Park District, a regional park for the Minneapolis area.  I did not [...]

Light Kisses

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yellow wakerobin shady woodland wildflower

I am a light stalker with my camera.  Finding the best time and the best light to photograph a garden factors into every shoot.  These days I am challenging myself to bring sunlight into my photographs. Whenever I give presentations and workshops, I always talk about light - about soft light versus hard light.  The [...]

September Favorites

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vernonia spp

Text and photos © Catherine Renzi Many September gardens are waning, preparing for dormancy after festive summer partying with exciting colors and fragrances. But, September is also a time of new beginnings; Autumn begins in September, and a new academic year begins for students of all ages. For me, each year begins anew with my [...]