Photographing Grasses

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Light airy feather grass with dark stolid Agave

More than any other group of plants, I love to photograph grasses.  They bring light, motion, and texture to gardens.  They range widely in size and color, and mix well into all garden styles, from beds and borders to meadows and in containers.  Because they are so versatile in blending into gardens they can be [...]

Whimsy and Provocation

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holt_961_039 garden bed

We interrupt the regularly scheduled garden photography lesson to bring you some breaking news.  While I was writing this lesson in The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop, controversy erupted. Provocation in the world of gardens and art !  National scandal in "hip, pretentious art" at the Berkeley Botanical Garden where an on-site art exhibit using recycled [...]

A Dehiscence of Light – Lesson 1.3

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Morning Light Through Oaks Sheltering a Patio

The Wikipedia definition of dehiscence is "the spontaneous opening at maturity of a plant structure, such as a fruit, anther, or sporangium, to release its contents".  Here I present my own dehiscence - of light as I find it in gardens. As a mature garden photographer (no smirks please), I release some of my favorites [...]

Back-lit Grasses

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Panicum virgatum 'Dallas'Blues'

Now that September has arrived I start looking at the grasses.  Or rather, they grab me. Grasses grab the light and reveal the sun.   They dance in the wind; they rustle and whisper.  By  this time of the year their flowers have become seed heads beckoning the birds.  With such dynamic inspiration on so many [...]