Whimsy and Provocation

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holt_961_039 garden bed

We interrupt the regularly scheduled garden photography lesson to bring you some breaking news.  While I was writing this lesson in The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop, controversy erupted. Provocation in the world of gardens and art !  National scandal in "hip, pretentious art" at the Berkeley Botanical Garden where an on-site art exhibit using recycled [...]

A Dehiscence of Light – Lesson 1.3

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Morning Light Through Oaks Sheltering a Patio

The Wikipedia definition of dehiscence is "the spontaneous opening at maturity of a plant structure, such as a fruit, anther, or sporangium, to release its contents".  Here I present my own dehiscence - of light as I find it in gardens. As a mature garden photographer (no smirks please), I release some of my favorites [...]

Back-lit Grasses

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Panicum virgatum 'Dallas'Blues'

Now that September has arrived I start looking at the grasses.  Or rather, they grab me. Grasses grab the light and reveal the sun.   They dance in the wind; they rustle and whisper.  By  this time of the year their flowers have become seed heads beckoning the birds.  With such dynamic inspiration on so many [...]