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My Crazy-Busy Spring

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The must-have mouse ears at this year's Epcot Center's International Flower Festival were green plush with a ladybug bow.

  With a new book to launch, I accepted numerous speaking engagements this spring. The thing is, though, events are scheduled six to 12 months in advance. You check your calendar, and if there's a blank date, you blithely scribble it in. But as the date approaches, OMG, there are SO many details to corral: Tailoring the presentation to the group [...]

Garden Adventures in Quebec, Part One

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Blue sand copy

I can't help it. I turn vacations into garden-touring marathons. So when my husband Jeff suggested we visit Quebec for our 20th anniversary, I figured he was safe.  I assumed that French Canada was, if not tundra, probably solid forest.  But it turns out Quebec City is one big garden, or so it seemed to me, coming from brown and dry SoCA. Everywhere I looked, [...]