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Accents !

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autumn garden with mixed border

For a garden photographer there is nothing quite like a landscape architect who knows how to use plants.  Gary Ratway not only knows plants as well as any horticulturist I have met, he designs landscapes to show them off. His own garden in Mendocino, California is a showcase for garden design as landscape architecture, a [...]

Pumpkins !

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MG-2135 Connecticut Field Pumpkin at Heirloom Expo.

The display of winter squash at the National Heirloom Expo is daunting for a photographer - soooo many potential subjects. This year I decided to photograph all the pumpkins. Grown by Durst Organic Growers, the main exhibit hall was filled with hundreds of fantastical gourds laid out in small groups on large rows of tables.  But indoors ? [...]