The Easy Way to Paint Watercolors

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2012 Calendar 1

  Several years ago, I met artist Diane Palley McDonald while doing an article about herĀ studio's makeoverĀ for the San Diego Union-Tribune. (The news angle was that it was on HGTV's "Designer's Challenge.") When I saw Diane's paintings, I wistfully told her how much I loved watercolors. She asked, "Well, then, why not paint your own?" [...]

Bling for Pots: Crushed Glass

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Glass, cobalt

Leave it to LA. Designers in that city are using crushed glass to snazz potted plants. The glass, tumbled so the edges are smooth (it's often from recycled bottles) lends a splash of glamor.Landscape designer Laura Morton married a pink-edged phormium with an Italian terracotta pot, using a topdressing of peachy-pink glass that also draws [...]