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HOT OFF THE PRESS: sent to me by a friend and as written by Peter Kafka (I don’t know of what publication)

“Conde Nast is closing its House and Garden Magazine and its accompanying website. Not a shock to see a venerable magazine close these days, though it’s interesting that Conde didn’t keep the website alive, as Time Warner has done with and Hachette has done with ELLEgirl. Then again, not a huge surprise: Conde still seems to use its sites primarily to sell print mag subscription.”

Quite a stunning announcement! Anyone who loves the splendour and magnificence of luscious and sometimes ‘over the top’ homes and gardens plus some fine writing will be saddened by this announcement.  But others may feel ‘It’s about time. Enough of this ‘upper crust society’ living…not for real people’.

Any reactions??

Fran Sorin

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