Q and A with Noel Kingsbury

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If you have more than a few gardening books on your shelf, it’s likely that at least one of them has been authored by Noel Kingsbury. Noel, our Q and A subject for September, is a prolific author, garden designer and consultant, and communicator, as well as an Associate in the Department of Landscape at The[...]

Take Ten: Q and A with Ron Vanderhoff

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We’re delighted that Ron Vanderhoff is our Take Ten: Q and A personality this month. Ron is a lifelong Southern California gardener and professional horticulturist. For thirty years, he has been a leader in the local gardening community, as an educator, writer, lecturer, innovator and business leader; and for the past ten years as the[...]

Take Ten: Q and A with Panayoti Kelaidis

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We’re delighted that Panayoti  Kelaidis, the Senior Curator and Director of Outreach at Denver Botanic Gardens, is the interviewee for this month’s Take Ten: Q and A. Panayoti has been an enthusiastic gardener since the age of 8 and has worked at Denver Botanic Gardens for the last 29 years. His great loves are alpine plants, trees, ferns, cacti, bulbs,[...]

Take 10: Q & A with Chris Woods

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Chris Woods worked at  Chanticleer for several years where he took it from being a private garden to an exuberant public ‘pleasure garden’.  Because of Chris’ vision coupled with the ability to execute it flawlessly, Chanticleer has become recognized as a world class garden. After several years as Executive Director there, Chris moved to California to take on some new horticultural[...]